SuperK Varia

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The SuperK Varia from NKT Photonics, and distributed in the UK and Ireland by Photonic Solutions, is a computer-controlled variable bandwidth filter that effectively turns a supercontinuum white light source into a powerful single-line laser. Designed for use with NKT Photonics' range of SuperK supercontinuum white light sources, the SuperK Varia is a cost effective and flexible alternative to a monochromator.

The Varia is one of the most flexible filter solutions on the market offering a tunable centre wavelength anywhere in the 400-850nm range and a variable bandwidth between 4nm and 100nm. In contrast to AOTF technology, the Varia suffers no polarisation loss and thus delivers high power throughput. For example, powers of more than 50mW per wavelength across the full visible spectrum are easily achieved with the SuperK Varia and the SuperK Extreme EXW-12 using only a 10nm bandwidth. Use the collimated free-space output from the filter directly or combine the Varia with the SuperK Connect broadband fibre delivery system for pristine single-mode fibre delivery over the entire tuning range in one single fibre.

The Varia is computer controlled through the SuperKontrol GUI and the optical output can be free-space collimated beam as standard or single mode fibre delivery via the SuperK Fiber Delivery range. The SuperK Varia is not restricted in its use simply with the SuperK systems, but can also used with traditional laser systems or broadband light sources as a variable bandwidth filter. In fact, for applications which require a single tunable channel with high power and/or variable bandwidth, the Varia provides the ideal solution without the need for AOTF-based systems.

The SuperK Varia expands NKT Photonics range of supercontinuum accessories, which already include accessories to allow access to either particular spectral ranges or specific wavelengths within the ultra-broad SuperK spectrum. All NKT Photonics SuperK accessories are 'plug and play' with any SuperK supercontinuum laser.