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Absolute X-ray Photodiodes

International Radiation Detectors (IRD) has launched the AXUV 100GX Absolute X-ray Photodiode. 

The new X-ray detector possesses known active silicon thicknesses and 100 per cent internal quantum efficiency, making possible absolute measurement of X-ray flux with energies 100keV and beyond. 

X-ray responsivity measurements performed at PTB Germany confirm the responsivity of AXUV 100GX devices can be calculated from their known silicon thickness.
IRD's AXUV 100GX photodiode features a large (10 x 10mm square) active area with room-temperature operation and a small detector footprint. AXUV 100GX is very simple to use and, unlike other X-ray detectors, requires no external voltage for operation. The nitrided-oxide front window of the AXUV 100GX diode provides up to a Gigarad (SiO2) of radiation hardness.  Photodiodes with directly-deposited, thin-metallic filters are available for reducing response to visible light by several orders of magnitude.


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