AccuScribe 2112 and 2150

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New Wave Research has released the AccuScribe 2112 and AccuScribe 2150 high-speed wafer-scribing systems. Each system delivers 12 to 14 wafers per hour - a 20 per cent increase on previous models.

The semi-automated 2112 features automated alignment, positioning, focus and partial wafer scribing. The operator needs only load the wafers into and out of the scriber. The fully automated 2150 needs no operator at all, with automated loading and unloading of the wafers to and from their cassettes. Both systems feature a rugged and customisable platform optimised for demanding 24/7 production-line environments.

High-speed performance is achieved via high-efficiency, high-stability, UV DPSS laser technology and New Wave Research's advanced optical and imaging technologies. Each platform includes a highly accurate, repeatable and reliable X-Y stage, user-selectable energy output with stability feedback loop, advanced debris removal system and many other options to increase ease-of-use and productivity.

The models also include a patented wafer edge detection system that enables the operator to scribe every inch of the wafer.