Adaptive optical components

Flexible Optical BV (also known as OKO Technologies), a provider of adaptive optics based on piezoelectric and membrane deformable mirrors, has introduced three novel components for cheaper, simpler and more reliable adaptive optics: a membrane deformable mirror with integrated tip-tilt stage, a piezoelectric laser deformable mirror, and a 40-channel digital-to-analogue converter.

The membrane deformable mirror with integrated tip-tilt stage has been specially designed for correction of low-order aberrations. The deformable mirror has a 17-actuator geometry optimised for the correction of the low-order aberrations, integrated with a piezoelectric tip-tilt stage. The mirror has tip and tilt range of 24µm at 10mm aperture, and an 8.8µm defocussing range in the reflected wavefront.

The piezoelectric laser deformable mirror was designed specially for the correction of low-order aberrations. By locating 18 of mirror's 19 actuators outside the 20mm aperture, the device offers perfect correction of the first 15 Zernike polynomials with very little actuator print-through. While working with high-power beams the mirror provides optimal correction of low-order aberrations, causing no hot spots.

The 40-channel digital-to-analogue converter unit features an Ethernet 100Base-TX network interface, providing 40 analogue output channels with amplitude resolution of 16 bits and refresh rate up to 2kHz via UDP or TCP protocols. The device features bipolar output amplifier with software adjustable gain and offset, allowing the device to be tuned to the needs of a particular application without sacrificing the dynamic range.