All-dielectric band-pass filters

Optics Balzers Jena is offering customised all-dielectric band-pass filters for the short wave infrared spectral region with a unique self-blocking filter design.

All filters are deposited by in-situ monitored plasma-assisted sputter and evaporation processes. They combine a wide blocking range and high pass-band transmittance in a single all-dielectric interference coating. Short-wave infrared (SWIR) optical sensing applications in the spectral region between 900 and 3000nm require band-pass filters with high transmittance in the pass band, blocking ranges over full detector response and long-term shift-free spectral performance with excellent environmental stability.

Potential application fields are optical remote sensing from the air and space, NIR spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, plasma diagnostics and emission spectroscopy, blood analysis and atmospheric greenhouse gas monitoring. Optics Balzers Jena is delivering filter and beam-splitter components for the multispectral instrument of EADS Astrium’s Sentinel-2 mission, part of Europe's Global Monitoring for Environment and Security programme.