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APR mechanical bearing series

Aerotech has launched its direct-drive rotary stage APR mechanical bearing series, which offers positional accuracy to 1.5 arc-sec and axial load capacity up to 450kg.

Aimed at high precision rotary positioning for optical calibration systems, laser micromachining, precision component testing and sub-micron metrology, the APR's brushless direct-drive technology has improved angular precision with zero backlash. The brushless servo motor is cog-free, allowing velocity performance with rapid acceleration and a maximum speed up to 800rpm for the smaller stage. 

The APR range has seven models in three frame sizes with clear through-apertures of 50, 75, or 100mm respectively for electrical or other services such as slip ring assemblies, laser feed or air supplies. The seven models have nominal square footprint mounting dimensions of 150, 200 and 260mm also.

Aerotech boasts certified results for a total tilt error motion of 2.0 arc-sec with total axial and radial error motion of just 1.5 microns for the APR series. The products also have a resolution of 0.04 arc-sec and bi-directional repeatability of 0.75 arc-sec for certain models.

The APR series can be supplied for continuous rotation or fitted with limit switches for part rotation from 10 to 270 degrees. Further options include brakes and adjustable mechanical hard stops to restrict rotation up to 290 degrees.

The APR series housing and construction is anodised aluminium with a durable hardcoat finish. An optional tabletop includes a matrix of threaded holes for customer workpiece interfacing. With its non-contacting motor and encoder and bearing system the APR is rated for 20,000 hours mean time between failure.

Single- or multi-axis motion control solutions for the series include PC based software-only or hardware based rack or desk mount packages. A choice of programming options include RS-274 G-code, AeroBasic, IEC61131-3, Microsoft .NET Framework and Labview for varying levels of analytical functionality.


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