AQ6370D benchtop optical spectrum analyser

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Yokogawa has introduced its AQ6370D benchtop optical spectrum analyser, which incorporates a number of new functions designed to enhance its accuracy and analysis capabilities in the 600-1,700nm wavelength range.

Newly added functions include data logging, gate sampling, resolution calibration, an advanced marker function and an enhanced auto-sweep mode.

The data logging function records analysis results such as WDM analysis (OSNR, optical signal-to-noise ratio), distributed feedback laser diode (DFB-LD) analysis, and multi-peak measurements at up to 10,000 points per channel with time stamps. Recorded data can be displayed in table and graphical forms. This function is useful for the long-term stability testing and temperature cycle testing of systems and devices. The optical spectrum of each measurement can also be stored for reviewing and troubleshooting.

The advanced marker function adds markers to obtain the power density and the integrated power of a designated spectrum. This new feature makes it easy to get an OSNR value of the signal, whether modulated or not, directly from its spectrum.

The AQ6370D is available in standard or high-performance versions. It has a wavelength resolution setting from 0.02nm to 2nm, a wavelength accuracy of ±0.02nm (C+L band), and a maximum level sensitivity of -90 dBm. The close-in dynamic range is from 70dB (peak ±1 nm, resolution 0.05nm) to 50dB for the high-performance model (peak ±0.1nm, resolution 0.02nm).