Aryelle 200

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Lasertechnik Berlin has released the Aryelle 200, which is an echelle spectrometer with fibre coupling for different CCD, EMCCD und ICCD image detectors. It is characterised by high sensitivity and high imaging quality. The dispersion unit with grating and prism can be easily configured for different applications.

The Aryelle 200 has a focal length of 200mm and an aperture of f/10. Depending on the required simultaneously detectable wavelength range, it is possible to measure spectra from the UV up to the NIR with a spectral resolving power of 5,000 up to 12,000.

The internal shutter and the integrated mercury lamp for the automatic recalibration of the spectrometer as well as the intuitive software allow a comfortable operation of the spectrometer. 

The controlling and evaluation software Sophi for Aryelle controls all spectrometer and detector functions. A two-dimensional spectrum is extracted from the detector raw data which is automatically analysed with an integrated data base. The spectral lines are assigned to the corresponding elements and specified. Quantitative analysis algorithms are integrated as well. For a quantitative evaluation, a calibration with comparable samples is necessary. 

Due to its compact design, it is well suited for the industrial process control, e.g. in the steel, glass and ceramics industry or in pharmaceutics, chemistry and environmental analytics.