ASAP 2009 V1R1

Breault Research Organization (BRO) has released a new version of the company's Advanced Systems Analysis Program (ASAP), a virtual prototyping program for optical systems and devices. The release adds several new features to the software. Industry applications for ASAP include automotive, architectural and speciality illumination design, simulation of laser systems and other coherent devices, stray light analysis of telescopes and space-based imaging systems, display modelling, complete biomedical system modelling, micro-optical device modelling, and others.

Among the new features is Conformal Radiometry, allowing users to visualise distributions of light and perform radiometric calculations on any number of planar or non-planar system objects involved in a single ray trace, and use transparent detectors as non-invasive probes to monitor light at multiple locations in a system.

The BRO Digitiser enables the import of data from images in .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, and .wmf format, and the use of a flexible toolset for extracting numerical data from various curve types with context-sensitive output for select ASAP commands, including those for defining media, coatings, and apodisations.

Further new commands include Liquid Crystal Cell, General Uniaxial Medium, Stokes-Vector Mode for Polarisation, Mueller Matrix Element, Optimisation, and Remote.