Aspheric lenses

LightPath Technologies has released a family of four aspheric lenses specifically designed for laser diodes operating at 405nm or 488nm. These lenses, available from AMS Technologies throughout Europe, are designed as the primary optics for collimating blue lasers in a variety of applications, including biomedical instrumentation such as flow cytometers, microscopes and fluorescence spectroscopy equipment, and high volume data storage applications.

Achieving good beam quality is particularly difficult for shorter wavelength lasers. These new moulded glass aspheric lenses are designed for the specific beam divergences, peak wavelength and window material of commercial blue diode lasers, enabling blue laser applications to achieve excellent beam quality and performance.

The L-LAL12 and D-LaK6 glasses have been selected for their outstanding UV and blue transmission properties and their ability to be moulded using LightPath's existing moulding technology. These glasses are fully RoHS compliant, in accordance with the new European restrictions on hazardous substances.