AVIA 355-28

Coherent has released the AVIA 355-28, which delivers 28W of output at 355nm (at 110kHz). This high power and high repetition rate translates directly into increased throughput for a variety of micromachining applications, as well as lower cost per part.

In addition to higher power, the AVIA 355-28 offers several features specifically designed to enhance its processing capabilities and minimise long-term cost of ownership. These include PosiLock, which is Coherent’s technology for achieving highly repeatable spot positioning at the work surface, PulseEQ, which provides constant pulse energy across a wide range of rapidly varying pulse repetition rates, and an automated harmonic crystal shifter to maintain constant output power over the entire lifetime of the laser. 

The AVIA 355-28 is targeted at a wide range of demanding, high-throughput micromachining applications in semiconductor fabrication and packaging, as well as solar cell production. Typical examples include dicing and scribing of silicon wafers and low-k semiconductors, via-hole drilling in printed circuit boards and flip chips, and micromachining medical disposables.