Bandpass filters for pyroelectric detectors

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Laser Components offers five new bandpass filters for pyroelectric detectors. The new filters include reference filters (B) and filters for the detection of CO2 (A), water vapour (M), methane (S), and alcohol (O), and are either mounted directly inside the fixed cap of the detector or available as a separate cap.

Filter B can be used for SO2 detection with a peak = 3.86µm and FWHM = 90nm. The CO2 filter A, has a peak = 4.265µm, and FWHM = 110nm. The M filter has proven reliable in measuring water vapour in practical applications with a peak = 5.78µm and FWHM = 180nm. The methane S filter operates at long-wave bands with a peak = 7.91µm and FWHM = 160nm. The O filter for alcohol offers peak = 9.50µm and FWHM = 450nm.