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BBK Bending Units

Laser Components has introduced BBK bending units, which offer a robust and distortion-free housing for bending mirrors. The industrial application of CO2 lasers often involves material abrasion, which produces dirt and dust. Beam delivery components are used to seal the optical path in such applications and protect the individual optical components.

BBK bending units are solidly constructed and facilitate repeated adjustments by ±2° using fine thread screws. Moreover, it is possible for the unit to be cooled internally. The entrance and exit apertures of the housing are equipped with internal screw threads for the mounting of additional components such as, for example, beam tubes.

Depending on the laser power, either coated silicon or copper mirrors are used. For applications employing red pilot lasers, the mirrors are equipped with an optimised coating that reflects the CO2 beam by 99.8 per cent and the light of the pilot laser by 70 per cent. These mirrors have a diameter of 1.0-inch and a thickness of 3mm.


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