Laser Components has announced its new detector, the SUR500, which was developed specifically for biomedical applications in which the smallest signals in the short-wave ultraviolet, blue spectral range have to be detected.

Due to their sensitivity and their extremely low noise, SUR-series avalanche photodiodes are suited for measurements in photometry or in analytical systems as well as for fluorescence measurements. In addition to measurements in the optimised blue and UV spectral range the photodiode can be used for measurements in the entire wavelength range between 200nm and 1000nm. At 400nm the SUR500 detector has a noise equivalent power (NEP) of typically only 9 fW/sqrt(Hz) at a sensitivity of about 28A/W. The SUR series is currently available with an active diameter of 500μm. Other low noise versions at 1.5mm and 3mm will be available soon. The TO housings, which were optimised specifically for the UV range, are hermetically sealed and very compact.