Beam delivery systems and infrared optics

Laser Components has introduced a wide range of beam delivery systems, to supplement its existing range of infrared optics for CO2 lasers. The optics are specifically designed and optimised for 10.6µm together with high laser damage thresholds, thus enabling the highest efficiencies within laser system designs.

ZnSe lenses and windows are produced exclusively in high quality laser grade materials that can even be used in the kW range. When coated, these optics have a transmittance of T>99.5 per cent at 10.6µm. Output couplers and beam splitters have a special coating, which reflects a defined percentage of the incident light and transmit the remaining part. As well as a large selection of standard parts we can also offer custom designs for your individual requirements. Also available are lens systems which include beam expanders to increase power density at the focal point and create a uniform radius and divergence over a long distance. F-theta lenses are used to create a small and consistent spot at the working plane.