Beam Splitter for Ruby Laser

Holo/Or has developed a series of Beam Splitter DOEs (Diffractive Optical Elements) optimised for 694nm Ruby laser. This new product is suitable for high power lasers and provides very good divergence angle accuracy, flexibility in spots array design and relatively high efficiency (70-80 per cent). Each of the generated spots will preserve the characteristics of the original beam (besides naturally the power and propagation angle).

Currently Holo/Or offers 'off the shelf' 8 x 8 BS, p/n MS-446-O-Y-A and 9 x 9 BS, p/n MS-377-O-Y-A and almost any other 1D or 2D array BS are available as semi-standard products, meaning, with short time and no NRE costs. Custom designs are also available.