Ophir Photonics has introduced its BeamTrack laser power, energy, beam position, and spot size sensors, consisting of a series of thermal detectors that combine multiple functions in one device.  The sensors also provide information on centring and beam wander, all in a compact unit that is the same size as single function detectors of the same power level.

According to the company, BeamTrack sensors are the only laser detectors able to measure power, position, size (PPS), energy, centring, and wander in a single device. Sensors are available with a range of aperture sizes, from 12 to 50mm. The detectors use broadband or P-type absorbers and measure a broad spectral range (150nm to 20µm).

The BeamTrack line includes five PPS sensors: two models with full beam size capability for powers up to 150W, two models with beam tracking capability for low powers to 3W, three models with full beam size capability covering other power levels - 10, 250, and 400W.

BeamTrack Power/Position/Size Sensors are designed to divide the sensor signal into quadrants, measuring and comparing the output to determine the position of the centre of the beam to a high degree of accuracy. This quantitative measure of beam position provides the ability to track beam wander. In addition, a patented beam size detector is embedded in the sensor. Beam size is calibrated for Gaussian beams; for other beams, the sensor provides relative size information and indicates if beam size is changing.

BeamTrack sensors operate with Ophir's Nova II and Vega smart displays, and Juno PC interface. Each display features a 'Smart Connector' interface that automatically configures and calibrates the display when plugged into one of the company’s measurement heads.