BeamView-USB 4.3.1

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The newest release of BeamView software from Coherent now enables National Instruments’ LabView software to directly control LaserCam-HR beam profiling systems (in addition to the existing Coherent software interface). Specifically, the new BeamView‑USB 4.3.1 software includes a library of LabView Virtual Instruments that allow access to BeamView‑USB functions. BeamView‑USB 4.3.1 also makes it easy to program communications through both TCP/IP protocol and RS-232, allowing remote, wireless instrument operation and data acquisition. BeamView‑USB 4.3.1, which comes bundled with every new LaserCam-HR system, is also available as a free upgrade to all current LaserCam-HR users.

This latest release of BeamView also includes several other improvements that make Coherent LaserCam-HR beam profilers easier to use. For example, the new software now allows a single host computer to control as many as eight USB-connected LaserCam-HR cameras. Furthermore, the LaserCam-HR system is RoHS compliant.