BroadBeam High Reflector Mirrors

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Newport Corporation, a provider of laser and photonic solutions, has introduced BroadBeam High Reflector Mirrors, optimised for broadband performance at an excellent value.

The new line of mirrors provides greater than 99 per cent average reflectivity (for both S and P polarisations) of laser beams from 350 nm to 1100 nm with a 0 to 50 degree angle of incidence.

Manufactured with UV-grade fused silica substrates, the all dielectric high reflectors feature a surface flatness of ≤ λ/10 over the clear aperture. The 25.4 mm diameter mirrors are durable to MIL-C-675 standards and have a 10-5 scratch-dig surface quality.

Anna Sansan Wang, Newport’s Optics product manager, said: 'We are excited to introduce this new family of products. BroadBeam high reflector mirrors offer unprecedented specifications at a great price, making them ideal for a wide range of research applications.'