BFP fibre-coupled diodes and pumping modules

BFI Optilas, pan-European distributor for Bright Solutions, has introduced the BFP line of fibre-coupled diodes and pumping modules. Modules are available with output power from 5 to 600W, wavelength from 635 to 1,500nm or multi-wavelength, 100um to 600um fibres, 0.15 to 0.22NA, working in CW or pulsed operation.

The BFP line of high power fibre-coupled diode lasers is available in different sizes from few Watts to 600W of output power. Based on an integrated multi-single emitter design, they are particularly suited for heavy duty pumping applications, ensuring very long lifetime, low current operation and the highest brightness in a miniaturised package. Custom solutions up to the kW range are enabling integrated manufacture of high power fibre lasers. Vibration/shock proven devices, current and temperature-controlled modules, and extended temperature ranges are available for aerospace and military applications. BFP packages can be coupled to standard optical connectors like SMA, FC, ST, and can include a variety of accessories from aiming beam to integrated controllers, aimed to medical, industrial, scientific and aerospace direct applications. Multi-wavelength solutions are well suited for a variety of medical applications.

The BDL line of passively-cooled, high brightness fibre-coupled diode lasers, assembled with proprietary technology, are available in various sizes from 9W to 120W and in the most common wavelengths. The integrated optical design, accurate test and selection of semiconductor materials and efficient thermal management make these devices the ideal choice for applications requiring reliability, long lifetime and simple passive cooling in a small footprint. It is available in five innovative packages.