BI-SMT photodetector series

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The BI-SMT photodetector series of single-channel, back-illuminated silicon photodiodes has been announced by OSI Optoelectronics. The new photodiodes are specifically designed to minimise any 'dead' areas on the edges of the devices, and each photodiode is designed on a square surface mount package with dimensions similar to the actual chip. This makes it possible to have multiple detectors arranged in a tiled pattern for easy coupling to a scintillator.

There are currently three BI-SMT devices: the 33BI-SMT features an active area of 5.76 mm² (dimensions are 2.4 x 2.4mm); the 55BI-SMT has a 19.36mm² active area (4.4 x 4.4mm dimensions); and the 1010BI-SMT features a larger 88.36mm² active area (9.4 x 9.4mm dimensions). The typical peak spectral responsivity for all three photodiodes is 920nm. 

The BI-SMT series are used in X-ray inspection, computed tomography, and general industrial tasks. Easy to integrate into new and/or existing systems, OSI Optoelectronics’ devices feature chip size packaging, easy coupling to scintillators, and patterned electrodes. Operating temperatures range from -20°C ~ to +60°C; storage temperatures range from -20°C ~ to +80°C.

OSI’s BI-SMT photodiodes will be available for shipping December 2015.