BlueMode laser

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Toptica has released its BlueMode laser, suitable for interferometry and holography. It unites high power, high coherence and superior mode stability in a compact and rugged design. The BlueMode lasers deliver 50mW at 405nm, 20mW at 445nm and up to 30mW at 488nm and provide a coherence length greater than 25m. OEM solutions are provided upon request.

The BlueMode laser provides high powers in single-frequency operation. All versions feature a spectral line width below 5MHz, a wavelength stability of <0.05pm/h and long-term power stability better than 0.5 per cent (STD/mean, in constant environmental conditions). Combined with excellent long-term coherence stability, this renders the laser a perfect fit for applications requiring low intensity and frequency noise, and continuous single-mode operation.

The output beam diameter is approximately 1mm and thus close to that of conventional ion lasers, making the transition to a BlueMode laser a smooth process in existing instrumentation. Optionally, the laser light can be coupled to single-mode fibres using Toptica's OEM proven FiberDock unit.