Bookham high power laser products

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Bookham will debut products from its rapidly expanding high power portfolio targeting high-growth industrial markets at the end of the month.


The company’s latest high power products, include:

  • 10W fibre laser pump module with 105µm fibre core diameter that operates at injection currents up to 12A;
  • 1060nm seed laser module with short distance fibre Bragg grating to control spectral properties for pulsed fibre lasers;
  • VHB (Very High Brightness) bar for direct systems – launched at LASER 2007 and now being shipped in volume – which has a power output of 80W – up to four times the brightness of a typical 10mm bar – and measures only 3.6mm in width; 
  • Low core fibre diameter multimode modules with 40µm or 50µm fibre, aimed at the Computer-to-Print (CTP) pre-press printing market