Brilliant Violet and Ultraviolet Filter Sets

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Three new broadband filter sets that support Brilliant Violet and Ultraviolet dyes (BD Biosciences) have been released by Semrock, a manufacturer of high-volume optical filters. When used in conjunction with these 10x brighter dyes, the BUV395-3018A, BV421-3824A and BV510-3825A filter sets allow microscopists to visualise molecules of small quantities or low expression within the cell. For laser applications, including flow cytometry, these new emission filters are designed to block common laser lines of 355 nm and 405 nm. 

All of the new BD Bioscience Brilliant dyes and Semrock filter products are available to test and model in SearchLight, the online toolbox that allows users to see all of the elements of their fluorescence system. SearchLight allows users to quickly calculate a relative signal brightness, signal-to-noise ratio and autofluoresence levels for best filter compatibility for engineers and biologists.

The BUV395-3018A, BV421-3824A and BV510-3825A sets are all available for purchase online and to ship immediately. All Semrock products carry a 10-year warranty.