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Promis Electro Optics has introduced the Brontes high-precision colorimeter, manufactured by Admesy, for high-speed measurement on the production line.

Colors are measured as they are seen by the human eye (CIE1931) and numerous color spaces are supported. The Brontes can measure chromaticity, flicker, contrast and luminance directly of LCD displays, LED’s, plasma screens, liquids and plastics. The colorimeter performs up to 10,000 measurements per second, making it ideal for high-speed production.

The Brontes can be mounted in many different ways, allowing stable positioning for accurate and repeatable measurements. Due to its small and compact size it can be integrated into production environments and its user-friendly interfacing makes it easy for engineers to use in the laboratory. It can function via a PC or as a standalone unit. The colorimeter is directly supported in Labview/Labwindows/Visual Studio via the VISA library. USB, I2C, RS232, and GPIO interfaces are all available.