C-884 motion controller

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The new C-884 motion controller from PI permits a vector movement of positioning systems with DC motors in four axes.

The four motor axes are addressed synchronously, start simultaneously and reach the target position at the same time. Commands are given to the controller over a USB or TCP/IP interface, the encoder bandwidth is 50 MHz.

The C-884 has a dual-core architecture with a command interpreter, which runs on an ARM processor core under a Linux operating system, separately from the digital signal processor (DSP).

This simplifies the programming of positioning systems in automation environments which follow a special industry or laboratory standard or a manufacturer-specific device standard.

The four axis motion controller comes with additional functions and an extensive software package: Nested stacking commands can be executed with the macro function following a command or external trigger, even without connection to the host PC.

A data recorder records operating data such as motor voltage, velocity, position or position errors, which can then be displayed on the graphical user interface.