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PiezoMike linear actuator

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PI (Physik Instrumente) has developed a new PiezoMike linear actuator with integrated incremental encoder for the closed-loop adjustment of mechanical and optomechanical components.

The N-472 keeps a position with long-term stability and is vibration-proof and shock-resistant. Like the N-470 open-loop version, the N 472 achieves its high holding force and resolution by a piezomotor turning a fine pitch screw.

The incremental encoder measures the relative motion to a freely definable reference position. In combination with the E-871 motion controller the encoder resolution is up to <1 nm.

Even with an integrated position sensor, the N-472 PiezoMike linear actuator retains a compact design and can be integrated in conventional mirror mounts or stages.

PI offers the closed-loop N-472 actuator for 7.5 mm and 13 mm travel range with a motion resolution of a few nanometers and excellent repeatability. Optional use in a vacuum down to 10-6 hPa is also possible.

The piezomotor drive is self-locking at rest, even when closed-loop control is switched off, and therefore requires no current and generates no heat. It ensures a reliable start-up, even after longer downtimes.

Simple to Operate

Positioning control is designed for point-to-point motion and nanometer-precise positioning at the target position. This is performed with the economical digital E-871 1-channel controller which is especially tuned to the requirements of the PiezoMike linear actuators. The control is digitally addressed over a USB or RS-232 interface and offers numerous parameters for the optional optimization of the settling behavior. Due to the controller’s networking capability, up to 16 axes can be controlled simultaneously via a single computer interface.

The E-871 supports LabView for laboratory applications. Additional libraries for Windows and Linux allow the implementation in existing environments.