Carbon fibre breadboads

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UK distributor Pro-Lite Technology has announced that it now distributes the line of carbon fibre breadboads manufactured by CarbonVision (Unterschleissheim, Germany). Prior to the development of these breadboards, steel breadboards were the only choice for users who require a stable platform for building an optical system.

Compared to their steel counterparts, carbon fibre breadboards typically weigh 75 per cent less (size for size), exhibit 10 per cent of the thermal expansion, possess dampening coefficients that are up to 60 per cent higher, and provide a superior weight-to-stiffness ratio. Four grades of carbon fibre breadboard are offered by the company, from the affordable EC-series to the SL-series that provides superior damping characteristics. CarbonVision breadboards are available in sizes from 300 x 300mm up to 1,200 x 2,500mm, with custom sizes built upon request.