Ultra-600 Laser Diode Module

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QPC Lasers has released the Ultra-600, which is a high power laser diode engine that delivers high spectral and spatial brightness for enhanced pumping of fibre lasers. The device will be distributed by Pro-Lite Technology.

QPC’s Ultra-600 diode laser module features on-chip Brightlock internal grating and Brightlase technology which results in higher powers and improved spectral brightness from six 100 or 200µm core optical fibres for Yb, Er:Yb and Tm fibre laser pumping.

Over 300W CW of total output power is available cladding-free at 976 +/- 1.5nm in less than 2nm bandwidth. 450W CW is also offered at 792 +/-3nm. The Ultra-600 is a fully plug-and-play laser available with optional QPC’s Ultra-Drive benchtop laser diode driver and Ultra-Therm water cooled chiller.