Cary 8454 UV-visible spectrophotometer

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Agilent Technologies has introduced the Cary 8454 UV-visible spectrophotometer.

Building on the company’s photodiode array (PDA) detector technology, the Cary 8454 UV-Vis includes a new version of UV-Vis ChemStation software that integrates with OpenLAB Enterprise Content Manager. Together they provide the secure data management needed in pharmaceutical and other highly regulated industries.

The system is compact, easy to maintain and can collect a complete spectrum in less than one second. Transitioning from existing earlier models to the Cary 8454 UV-Vis is seamless and enables uninterrupted continuation of existing standard operating procedures.

The spectrophotometer incorporates PDA technology for life sciences and chemical analysis applications. It also includes robust PDA detector technology used in Agilent’s liquid chromatography instruments with pre-aligned light sources for easy maintenance and high levels of reliability required in QA/QC labs. Its compact design and open sampling area improve ergonomics for accessory installation and enable easy, error-free sample preparation and results.