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CAS 140CT-HR spectroradiometers

Instrument Systems has added new models to its line CAS 140CT spectroradiometers, which combine the demands of high spectral resolution and short testing times for sophisticated measurement tasks in production and laboratory environments.

The CAS 140CT-HR spectroradiometers achieve very high spectral resolutions down to 0.2 nm for a spectral measuring range of 80nm. Measuring ranges of 120 and 160nm result in spectral resolutions of 0.3 and 0.4nm, respectively.

The spectrograph architecture with its CCD array allows to capture the spectrum of the emitter in a single exposure of the detector and thus renders possible integration times down to 10ms. This is especially important for the measurement of emitters with a pulsed operating mode in the order of milliseconds.

The high resolution CAS 140CT-HR is available in the spectral range from 800 to 1,000nm with 80, 120 and 160nm measuring ranges. Further variations in the VIS spectral range are available on request. All models are offered including a PTB traceable calibration and with a large variety of accessories such as integrating spheres and optical probes for irradiance.


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