CC-UV/VIS/NIR-8MM and CC-UV/VIS/NIR-5.0 cosine correctors

Avantes has introduced two new cosine correctors for use in solar measurement applications. The CC-UV/VIS/NIR-8MM has an 8mm active area and the CC-UV/VIS/NIR-5.0 is a cosine corrector with 5° angular field of view. 

Solar monitoring can be achieved using a pyranometer, pyrheliometer or a spectroradiometer solution set-up.  Avantes offers the AvaSolar spectroradiometer system, which is a four channel system with two redundant systems, each measuring from 200-2500nm. One of the systems measures the direct sun radiation through the CC-UV/VIS/NIR-5.0 cosine corrector, with a 5° acceptance aperture, and is normally affixed to a sun tracker system.  The second spectrometer system in the AvaSolar set-up measures total radiation (flux) with a standard CC-VIS/NIR cosine corrector.