CCD-in-CMOS TDI Sensors

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Imec showcased a prototype of a high-performance multispectral time-delay-integration (TDI) imager based on CCD-in-CMOS technology at Photonics West. With high sensitivity and high speed (up to 300kHz), this next-generation TDI imager targets high-end applications, such as remote sensing, life sciences and machine vision.

The sensor’s backside-illumination technology increases its light sensitivity by maximising the area of the sensor exposed to light. To enhance the TDI imaging performance, Imec combined the technology with either multispectral or RGB colour filters which can be processed at wafer level. Alternatively, filters on glass may be used.

The CCD-in-CMOS TDI technology is offered through various business models by Imec, ranging from full-custom design to prototype TDI sensors and evaluation cameras. The prototype TDI sensors use a format with 4,096 columns and 256 stages per CCD array (or band). A version with one CCD array is available, as well as a seven-band version, allowing the addition of seven spectral filters.