HighFinesse WS6-200 IR3 wavelength meter

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Toptica has released the HighFinesse WS6-200 IR3 wavelength meter, providing precise and fast wavelength measurement in the mid-infrared (IR). This system performs measurements in a wavelength range from 2-11μm.

Like all other wavelength meters of the HighFinesse/Ångstrom series, the WS-200 IR3 accomplishes wavelength measurements with high accuracy and high speed. Both CW and pulsed lasers with narrow-band emission can be examined, monitored and even actively controlled.

Based on a rugged Fizeau interferometer setup without any moving components, the wavelength meters provide best performance even under harsh conditions. The extremely sensitive detector allows for high-speed data processing algorithms and enables single-pulse measurements up to a repetition rate of 150Hz. A fibre input port for coupling the laser radiation into the wavelength meter ensures convenient handling. The device is computer-controlled via a fast USB interface. Fully automated long-term measurements can be recorded and data can be converted to different formats for subsequent evaluation, e.g. to assess the long-term frequency stability of a laser system.

Multiple options such as PID control, TTL synchronisation, line width measurement and others are available.