Chameleon OPO

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The new compact Chameleon OPO (Optical Parametric Oscillator) is an alignment-free, fully automated and computer-controlled OPO, which shows flexibility in pump and OPO output wavelengths at the same time. This allows the use of any wavelength combinations. In conjunction with the Chameleon pump laser by Coherent it is an ideal excitation source for MPE (Multiphoton Excitation) microscopy with a wavelength range of 680-1,200nm, together with a SHG/THG module down to UV (<230nm) without a single gap.

For the OPO PP-Automatic the new FAN Crystal Option offers maximum flexibility in the pump- and OPO output wavelengths. This is particularly useful for two-colour applications as simultaneous MPE of different dyes, uncaging, CARS/SRS and other pump-probe-experiments. Together with the wide tuning range of the Ti:Sapphire pump laser and in conjunction with a SHG/THG module it covers the wavelength range of 230-4,000 nm. The FAN Crystal Option offers free choice of pump wavelength without any crystal or optical exchange and is remote controlled via PC. It is available for femtosecond and picosecond systems with easy conversion.