APE has introduced FC (Few Cycle) Spider, a precision tool for complete spectral and temporal characterisation of few electric filed ultra-short optical laser pulses down to 5fs.

Based the Spider technology using a non-drifting, etalon-based interferometer and a material-dispersion stretcher, the FC Spider directly measures the spectral phase by analysing a spectral interferogram. In combination with a simultaneous measured spectrum, the temporal amplitude and phase are derived in real-time.

This new design enables simultaneous single shot detection of amplitude and phase of pulses with spectral bandwidths up to one optical octave. A high degree of automation for software assisted device calibration and alignment is implemented for user-friendly operation and to enable measurements with low input intensities.

The FC Spider is the ideal tool to align and monitor the performance of broadband Ti:Sapphire oscillators and amplifier chains with bandwidths starting at 35nm and supplements the APE Spider line towards faster pulses.