Chameleon Ultra II

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The new Chameleon Ultra II laser from Coherent has increased tuning range and output power. It produces over 3.3W of output power (a 65 per cent increase over earlier models) and produces continuous tuning over the 690nm to 1080nm spectral range. Chameleon’s extended infrared performance will be a major benefit for many types of MPE (multiphoton excitation) microscopy, enabling deeper live tissue penetration as well as efficient excitation of long wavelength fluorophores.

This laser is based on the existing Chameleon platform, which simplifies upgrades for both end users and microscope builders. In particular, Chameleon Ultra II maintains the same footprint, software interface, beam location and reliability of prior models. The higher power and broader tuning range result from optimisation of the cavity optics, and the innovative use of broadband mirror technology.

The Chameleon family maximises the potential of multiphoton microscopy, including CARS and three-photon imaging.