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Dilas, the diode laser company, has announced a direct, multi-bar diode laser system. The Dilas SD3000 is capable of delivering up to three-kilowatt output at 980nm wavelength to the work piece, the company says.

The direct diode laser system, Dilas SD3000 is available either with symmetric spot configuration (SD3000S) or with different line focus configurations (SD3000L). Its line focus is homogenised in the long direction.

Dilas’ SD3000 system is complete and comes turn-key with a water-water heat exchanger as well as power supply diode laser driver. The integrated new standardised DLC control unit provides external interfaces such as analog/digital interface as well as CANopen or other BUS interfaces, making integration into material processing workstations easy. The system is equipped with pilot beam for positioning purposes.

The Dilas SD3000 is ideal for surface treatment applications like hardening and applications that need large spot geometries.