CinCam CMOS Pico

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Cinogy Technologies has extended its CinCam CMOS line of laser beam profilers with the addition of the CMOS Pico. This latest product is based on a modern, high-resolution 5 megapixel CMOS sensor, combined with a USB 2.0 interface that transfers high-resolution images in 12-bit format. The usable spectral range is 350nm-1,150nm.

Models for the UV range (150nm-350nm) and for telecom IR range (1,470nm-1,605nm) are available if required. The CinCam CMOS Pico is suited to obtaining detailed information about mode structure and beam shape, and the small pixel size of 2.2µm and the high dynamic range allow highly accurate beam profiling. In addition, it is optimised for integrating in existing optical setups or laser systems, and requires minimal space due to its ultra-compact design.

The analysis software, RayCi, uses unique analytical capabilities while visualisation modes open up new opportunities in laser beam analysis according to ISO standards. The supplied software development kit is based on the XML-RPC interface, and enables users to create external applications in a number of platforms, such as Python, Visual Basic and LabView, that can remote-control the beam profiler and software.