Cobolt Mambo

Cobolt has released the Cobolt Mambo, which is a laser suited for fluorescence analysis applications such as confocal microscopy and flow cytometry.

The Cobolt Mambo is a continuous-wave solid-state laser operating at a fixed wavelength 594nm and with an output power of up to 50mW. Built into a hermetically-sealed compact package using the proprietary HTCureT technology for extreme robustness, the Cobolt Mambo is a single longitudinal mode laser with low noise (<0.3 per cent rms), narrow spectral line width (typically <30MHz) and high beam quality (M2<1.1). The Cobolt lasers are based on proprietary PPKTP frequency conversion technology, for optimum flexibility and efficiency. The full system typically consumes less than 25W of electrical power.

The Cobolt Mambo laser provides a compact solid-state and higher power alternative to HeNe lasers, which opens up a new range of fluorescence applications, in particular for the excitation of Alex Fluor 594, Texas Red and the new very bright gene expression proteins mCherry and mKate. Cobolt now offers a complete range of high performance DPSS lasers to the fluorescence based bioanalytical industry: 473nm, 491nm, 515nm, 532nm, 561nm, and 594nm lasers are currently available at output powers from 10 to 300mW.

Lasers built using the HTCure Technology have shown to withstand multiple 60G mechanical shocks in operation without any sign of degraded performance. They can be exposed to extreme temperatures (>100°C), and are insensitive to pressure and humidity. HTCure Technology is an advanced manufacturing technique for high-performance solid-state lasers that can provide exceptional reliability and performance for today’s demanding applications.

The laser is supplied with an ultra-compact controller (CDRH or OEM) which can be remotely accessed for operation and monitoring of the laser system via digital (RS-232) or analogue interfaces.