Code V 10.4

Optical Research Associates' Code V optical design and analysis software version 10.4 is now available following ORA's take-over by Synopsys, an electronic systems design and verification software company.

Code V 10.4 has enhancements to its beam synthesis propagation tool that enables optical designers to model and analyse diffraction effects in an optical system. The software’s beamlet-based algorithm produces a model of the wave nature of light as it travels through an optical system accounting for aberrations and diffraction effects (interference) including the impact of aperture clipping and apodising filters. It also has a pre-analysis feature that recommends analysis parameters customised for the user's lens system. Code V also has a 'glass expert tool' that uses an algorithm to analyse glass transmission, cost and weight to find the best set of real glasses for a user's lens design that can deliver colour correction including the generation of apochromatic systems.