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Continuously Tunable Lasers

Toptica has introduced a new family of diode lasers: the Continuously Tunable Lasers (CTL).

The first two versions of the CTL are available at 950nm and 1,570nm, with continuous tuning from 915–985nm and 1,530–1,620nm, respectively. The single-mode TEM00 lasers provide an absolute wavelength accuracy of better than 100pm, a repeatability better than 10pm and output powers of up to 80mW.

The CTL lasers operate with Toptica’s DLC pro control unit, with low noise and drift current-, temperature- and piezodrivers.

The lasers can be controlled with touch control and buttons, or remotely via a PC graphical user interface and command line language. In addition to wavelength selection and motor/piezo scanning, the DLC pro can also be used to frequency-stabilise the lasers to external references with multiple PIDs and Lock-In regulation.

The lasers are suited for applications that require large mode-hop free tuning ranges, such as the resonant excitation of small structures like quantum dots (around 950nm) and silicon-based micro-cavities (around 1,550nm). Other examples are molecular spectroscopy and wavelength-dependent testing of optical components, such as filters, waveguides and photonic crystals that require single-frequency and/or narrow-linewidth operation.


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