Count S modules

New photon counters have been added to the COUNT series: The COUNT S modules feature the same high quantum efficiency of the other models but a significantly larger active area of 500 μm which facilitates focussing. These photon counters are passively quenched and thus the most inexpensive alternative. They are well suited for research and school internships - e.g. in the field of quantum optics and quantum information.

A dead time of approx. 1 μs yields a maximum count rate of up to 1 Mcps. The dark count rates of the COUNT S series range model-specific between 1000 cps and 5000 cps and tie in directly with actively quenched COUNTs.

Function: Incoming photons produce electrical pulses in the detector that are then readout using the TTL output. A PSU, which is available on an optional basis, completes the plug-and-play module. All COUNT S models are also available with an FC/PC fiber coupling.