Cube Laser Station

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Rofin has launched Cube, which is a housing concept to integrate optical components into complete and individual configurable, systems ranging from standard solutions to specialised research applications.  

Cube has a combination of housing and door construction together with different axes and optics component options. This could be utilised, for example, within the combined use of galvo scanner head and positioning axes for fast, exact and large-area processing, or robot feeding by using the automatic doors.

The solid precision milled system base guarantees highly accurate workpiece processing. The hood of the housing, which can be opened wide, makes setting and adjustments easy. In production, fast opening and closing doors for loading and unloading - from three sides if required - allow for short cycle times. Thus, the Cube can be set up for both manual loading and automated feeding via assembly line, robot or lifting stages.

The integrated laser control RCU (Rofin Control Unit) controls the entire process – without the necessity for additional controllers. The RCU controls the laser parameters (real-time control of laser pulses, online-process viewing and analysis, pulse-to-pulse stability), the galvo scanner head (for welding, marking and structuring applications) and the motorised axes (as positioning axis in the PLC procedure or as linearly interpolated process axis). The freely-positioned central touch screen makes the handling of the Cube comfortable. It also allows setting, editing and choosing layouts and PLC procedures.

In addition, the control of the entire process and the communication with PLC, e.g. for robot feeding, is possible. Laser source, beam delivery, optical system, galvo head or fixed optics – with the Cube, the customer gets a complete system which is individually tailored according to his application. The workstation comes in two different basic configurations: as micro-Cube or as marking-Cube, for cutting, welding and structuring or for marking applications, respectively.