Cylindrical lenses

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Rocky Mountain Instrument (RMI) has enhanced its custom lens product line with a new generation of custom and standard precision cylindrical lenses. 

Cylindrical lenses focus incoming light in one dimension only, and are used in applications where a point image needs to be transformed into a line image, or when the height of an image needs to change without causing a change in width (or vice versa). 

Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, RMI offers quality cylindrical lenses that are designed to meet customer specifications ranging from Deep UV to Far IR applications. 

The wide range of available optical materials include Fused Silica, BK7, high index glass, CaF2, MgF2, BaF2,  ZnSe, Si, Ge and Sapphire, while sizes range from 10mm to 6 inches depending on focal length and thickness. RMI's high efficiency narrowband, anti-reflective coatings are typically applied to both sides of the lens. 

Other RMI optics product lines include spherical lenses, mirrors, windows, beamsplitters, prisms, waveplates, and opto-mech assemblies.