DALi 3

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Elliot Scientific has introduced the latest generation of DALi for automated photonic device alignment. 

The DALi 3 system is a natural evolution of the popular DALi 2, and is ideal for the following applications: fibre-to-laser diode alignment, fibre-to-waveguide alignment, fibre-to-fibre coupling, fibre array-to-device alignment, compensation for epoxy drift during pig tailing, compensation for drift during long-term characterisation, simultaneous alignment of input and output fibres (or arrays) to waveguide device.

A typical DALi 3 system consists of Elliot Scientific's new 3-channel E1100 piezo controller, the matching E2300 USB-equipped DALi 3 interface, and a PC or laptop for driving the easy to use software. Although designed to complement the piezo-driven versions of the Elliot Gold(tm) Series range of flexure stages, it is also suited to other piezo devices working on 0 to 150V.

DALi 3 incorporates the latest in electronics and uses complex software algorithms to quickly deliver precision automated alignment. It does this by locating and optimising an optical feedback signal derived from the components being aligned. It then adjusts their relative position to optimise the signal and therefore their accurate alignment.

The software and hardware package includes many features to enhance use, while also providing the necessary flexibility to allow it to be incorporated into a wide range of photonic alignment tasks for development, test and production applications.