DC-150-30-PM-Yb fibre

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NKT Photonics has introduced a version of its Crystal Fibre series double clad fibre. The DC-150-30-PM-Yb is made with Crystal Fibre patented airclad technology and features low photodarkening. The polarisation maintaining Ytterbium fibre is typically used in fibre amplifier configurations for pulsed laser amplification.

The DC-200-40-PZ-Yb is suited to high-performance fibre amplification requiring a large core size coilable fibre that is single mode. The product is also suitable for applications – typically industrial – where physical size limits the maximum coiling diameter.

The DC-150-30-PM-Yb features a 22 micron mode field diameter Ytterbium core, which is polarisation maintained with a polarisation extinction ratio better than 15dB. The 150µm pump core diameter accepts pump light at numerical aperture values up to 0.6 for pumping at 915nm or 976nm. Pump absorption is 10dB/m for 976nm pumping.

The fibre is designed for OEM use for industrial customers manufacturing fibre amplifiers. It is available as bare fibre, endsealed and cleaved fibre or connectorised fibre.