Deformable Mirror

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Flexible Optical (aka Oko Tech) has introduced a low-cost piezoelectric deformable mirror with 109 actuators. The mirror has 53mm clear aperture. The package has dimensions of 100 x 100 x 60mm and weighs is approximately 650g. It is driven by three 40-ch HV amplifier units, controlled from a computer USB port via three 40-ch 12-bit USB DAC modules, and is supplied with SDK for Windows. Complete closed-loop adaptive optical systems including the 109-ch deformable mirror and FrontSurfer wavefront sensor are also available.

The mirror figure is controlled by 109 piezoelectric actuators positioned in an orthogonal grid with pitch of 4.3mm. Free actuator stroke is approximately 7μm, and the stroke difference between the neighbour actuators reaches 1.5μm. Higher inter-actuator stroke is available on special order. The initial mirror figure is slightly spherical with ROC larger than 30m. RMS deviation from the initial reference sphere does not exceed 0.5μm. The 109-ch 50 mm piezoelectric OKO mirror is suitable for fast correction of large high-order aberrations in vision and ophthalmic systems, laser systems and medium-size telescopes. The mirror can be coated with metal, metal-dielectric and multilayer dielectric coatings for high reflectivity.