Deformable mirrors

Boston Micromachines has announced it has reduced the price of its deformable mirrors to lower the barrier to entry of adaptive optics for researchers and educators.

The compact and affordable Mini-DM is ideal for low order wavefront control. Its mirror surface is controlled by 32 electrostatic actuators which are individually commanded to achieve a desired shape. The Mini-DM is available in both continuous and segmented surfaces for adaptive optics or spatial light modulator applications. Mini-DM pricing now starts at $5,000.

The new pricing structure represents the lowest prices available for complete deformable mirror solutions with 32 and 140 actuators. These new prices lower the barrier to entry for educators and allow them to demonstrate adaptive optics in their classrooms. In addition, research labs will now be able to utilise MEMS technology in their research projects with a reduced impact on their budget, which we hope will stimulate innovation in applications including microscopy, retinal imaging and laser beam shaping.