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Discover Laser Quantum’s world-class production process

Laser Quantum, has released a number of videos over the previous months demonstrating the robustness of its gem laser, which has been subjected to, and survived, a number of extreme tests, in unconventional environments, which include being driven over by a Range Rover; being dropped from 20 metres; being frozen in a block of ice; being buried in sand and hammered with a wacker plate and being spun a in tumble dryer. Today, Laser Quantum releases its final video from its ‘Robust and Reliable’ laser series, which seeks to explain how the meticulous testing each of its lasers undergoes ensures reliability, long lifetimes and the ability to be able to survive the extreme testing from its former videos. 

Unlike the previous videos in the series, ‘The gem vs. world-class production’ educates customers of the real-life testing which is carried out on every laser, and provides a background understanding for the extreme tests from the rest of the series. The latest video offers a unique ‘behind-the-scenes’ look into Laser Quantum’s laboratories and its testing facilities. Each one of its lasers are subjected to over 400 hours of testing, which ensures optimal performance, a drop test, environmental testing and a vibration test prior to reaching any customer. It is this continual testing process which ensures Laser Quantum’s products meet the highest possible standards within the industry. 

Alan Cox, Technical Direct of Laser Quantum said ‘Laser Quantum invests a great deal of research and development into every product. Our previous videos demonstrated the robustness of our lasers in a visual way, whereas our latest video takes a more serious spin, educating customers on the real, rigorous testing process our lasers go through, concluding the series. The robust laser series has been an excellent outlet for demonstrating the robustness and quality of Laser Quantum products.’

To learn why Laser Quantum’s products are able to survive extreme testing, watch its final ‘Robust and Reliable’ video here:


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